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(Dave's house)
Paul-"Walks in to Dave's room" Dave
Dave-"Walks out from his closet" yeah
Paul-um, Shannon and I are going to watch a movie downstairs so you can have the living room to your self
Dave-oh ok
Paul-ok hey when's Sebastian getting here
Dave-"Smiles" well 16 days til Christmas so he'll be here in 13 days   "smiles" i cant wait, he said he is coming 3 days before Christmas  eve and then he's staying here for a week "Smiles"
Paul-"Smiles" and your happy?
Dave-i'm very happy i cant wait
Paul-"Smiles" ok, well we'll be down stairs
Paul-"Walks downstairs"
Dave-"Smiles" "walks in to his closet" now what will Sebastian like? humm, i need to go shopping "Walks out of the room"
(Cuts to downstairs)
Paul-"Kissing Shannon"
Shannon -"pulls away" wait, this is going to fast
Paul-we're just kissing
Shannon-i know but this is going fast
Shannon-maybe i should go
Paul-Shannon, i understand, you want to take things slow
Shannon-i'm just scared ok
Paul-it's ok i get it "Smiles"
Shannon-"smiles" thank you
Paul-but that doesn't mean we cant kiss
Paul-i'll go slow "leans in" i promise  i wont hurt you  
Shannon-"smiles" "kisses Paul"
Dave-"Walks down stairs" Hey D-DAD!, Oh my god i thought you were watching a movie  "quickly turns around"
Shannon-"looks at Dave"
Paul-"Looks down" um H-hey Dave , what do you need
Dave-mo-money "puts hand over his eyes and turns back around"
Paul-Dave you can look you know
Dave-"slowly takes hand off his eyes" "sighs" i need money
Dave-i need to buy some new cloths  
Paul-"Sighs","gets his wallet from his back pocket" "takes out money" here
Dave-"Walks over and takes it" thanks, and sorry
Paul-just go shopping
Dave-ok "Walks upstairs"

(Kurt's house)
Blaine-"Walks in" "Smiles" "walks over to him" "kneels down in fount of him"  "rubs finger over his cheek" Kurt
Blaine-Kurt wake up
Kurt-"slowly opens eyes" Blaine?
Blaine-hi, what are you doing sleeping
Kurt-oh my head was hurting  so was going to lay down for a while and fell a sleep "smiles"  "Sits up"
Blaine-why dont you put on a shirt and we'll go  to the mall
Kurt-sure but first "takes out mistletoe from the night stand" "Holds it up"
Blaine-"looks at kurt" what
Kurt-"smiles" my dad's isn't home,and Carole is gone and finn is with Rachel  "smiles"
Kurt-"nods slowly"
Blaine-well if you say so "kicks shoes off" "gets in the bed next to Kurt"
Blaine-"takes shirt off"
Kurt-"lays down"
Blaine-"smiles" "leans down over Kurt" "kisses him"
Kurt-"Kisses him back"
Blaine-"kisses down to Kurt's neck"
Blaine-"pulls the cover over them"

(Later On)
Blaine-"putting his back on"
Kurt-"putting  on his shoes"
Blaine-you ready to go the mall
Kurt-yep "makes bed"
Kurt-"Walks over to the door"
Blaine-"walks over and opens the door"
Kurt-"walks out"
Blaine-"Walks out with him"
(cut the mall)
Kurt-"Walking around"
Blaine-so,my grandparents said that the fireplace in the cabin works but the tv doesn't
Blaine-and they said to wait 4 second  before taking a shower other wise you might has well be  taking a shower in snow "smiles"
Kurt-ok "spaced out"
Kurt-"looks at him" yeah    
Blaine-you ok you seem a little out of it
Kurt-oh i'm fine
Blaine-"Smiles" ok then
Dave-"Walks over to them" hey guys
Blaine-Dave! hi
Dave-hi,what are you to doing here
Blaine-just hanging out,you
Dave-oh i needed some new cloths, Sebastian is coming back soon so
Kurt-i'll help you
Kurt-yeah,we'll both help you right Blaine
Blaine-uh, sure "Smiles"
Dave-"sighs" thank you so much, i have no idea what i'm looking for, i mean i was looking in my closet and everything just seemed so boring  
Kurt-ok, come with me "quickly walks in to hot topic"
Dave-why here
Kurt-becuse "looking around"
Dave-i dont really shop here
Kurt-"grabs skinny jeans" "hands them to Dave"
Dave-"chuckles" no way
Kurt-come on, you want Sebastian to stay with you dont you
Dave-yeah but why do i need to get these
Kurt-just go try them on and i'll tell you if you need them or not
Dave-"sighs" fine "Walks to the back and puts them on"
Kurt-"standing by the door"
Dave-no way Kurt
Kurt-come out let me see them
Dave-ugh "Walks out"
Kurt-"looks at the jeans"
Blaine-"Walks over" wow Kurt really does he really need skinny jeans
Kurt-yes, and those look amazing on you
Dave-you think
Kurt-yeah,do they feel
Kurt-ok, come really
Dave-"Sighs" i like them but can i get a bigger size
Kurt-their skinny jeans Dave they cant go bigger
Kurt-turn around
Kurt-of the love of god Dave , just turn around
Dave-"Sighs" "turns around"
Blaine-very nice  "Walks away"
Dave-"turns back around" this is embarrassing Kurt,  you know i'm not good at this
Kurt-"Sighs" Dave, you look fanatic and Sebastian is going to love it   "Smiles"
Dave-you think?
Kurt-of course "Smiles"
Blaine-"walks back over"
Kurt-Blaine what do you think
Blaine-i said very nice
Kurt-i think you should get them
Kurt-awesome, no take those off and lets go
Dave-"closes the door"
Blaine-i liked them
Kurt-i did to

(After a while)
Dave-"Walking with 4 bags"
Kurt-ok,so we got you skinny jeans some shirts and new cologne "what  are you planing for when he comes back "Walks over to chairs and sits down"
Blaine-"sits down next to him"
Dave-"sits in the chair beside" um,dinner,movie,my house "Smiles"
Kurt-"smiles" you need candles
Dave-i already have candles
Kurt-no you have just random candles you need romantic candles
Dave-what are those
Kurt-ok, stay here i'll be back "Stands up and walks away"
Blaine-you ok
Dave-yeah i'm fine, it's just hard for me to be gay and buying skinny jeans in pubic cuz of my mom and i'm scared people will judge
Blaine-see thats the one thing i hate about newbie gays
Dave-newbie gays?
Blaine-yeah, you know the gays that come out but still have a leg in the closet,I mean Gay people just need to come out and be who they are, it'd be allot better then hiding all time
Dave-i'm out Blaine 100%
Blaine-your not if you scared of people judging you, i mean look at me,i'm out i wear what i want even though people make jokes and say i need pants cuz these are to short i dont listen to them, and when i'm out with Kurt, i'm out with kurt "smiles" i'll hold his hand or kiss him on the cheek, i mean we dont really make out in public that much but i'm still my self
Dave-i guess i'm not there yet
Blaine-and thats ok take your time but understand that when you find someone that you love with all your heart "looking at kurt" you end up not caring what the world thinks only what that person thinks,"looks at Dave" an-and you have that with Sebastian right
Dave-"smiles" yeah i do
Blaine-well there you go,your one step closer "smiles"
Kurt-"Walks over to them" ok, "hands Bag to Dave"
Dave-"takes it and looks inside" wow thats a lot of candles
Kurt-trust me you'll like it when Sebastian comes back
Kurt-"phone beeps" "Sighs" "gets phone out" oh it's my dad,"looks at Blaine" he said your mom and dad are at my house
Blaine-"looks at Dave" this is what i mean when i say not caring what other people think "looks at Kurt" tell him to them to come back later we're not done here
Kurt-ok "texting"
Kurt-ok, lets go
Blaine-come on, i'll buy cookies "starts walking"
Kurt-can you and I just split one i dont really want whole one
Blaine-yeah thats fine Dave what kind of cookie do you want
Dave-um peanut butter
Blaine-ok, "walks over to the cookie lady" hi can i get one chocolate chip and a peanut butter please
Cookie lady-"hands him the cookies" 7.50
Blaine-"gets out wallet"
Dave-"hands Blaine money"
Blaine- "looks at Dave" i got it "Smiles"  
Dave-you sure
Dave-ok "puts money back in his pocket"
Blaine-"pays for the cookies" "Walks over to the table and sits next to Kurt"
Dave-"sits down" "starts eating his cookie"
Blaine-so Since there's only one bedroom in cabin we thought you and Sebastian would want it
Dave-oh well it's your cabin you guys have it
Kurt-why dont we just flip a coin when we get there
Kurt-uh, Blaine your dad is walking this way
Blaine-just relax  
Carson-"walks over to him" get up
Carson-Blaine Anderson get you ass up right now
Dave-"looks at Kurt"
Kurt-well we're just gonna go over here "gets up and walks away with Dave"
Blaine-"looking down at his cookie"
Carson-"sits next to Blaine" Blaine get up, lets go home
Blaine-i'm not going anywhere with you "stands up"
Carson-Blaine come on
Blaine-no, ok you just mad because you cant accept that i'm gay,now i'm not leaving i am here with my boyfriend and our friend and i'm not not leaving "Walks away" come on lets go "grabs Kurt's hand"
Dave-"walks away with them" so your dad seems cool "Smiles"
Dave-is he always like that
Blaine-yeah pretty much

(a week later Dave's house)
Dave-"holding the skinny jeans up" humm
Paul-"knocks on the door" Dave?
Dave-uh just a minute "puts the jeans back in the bag and puts them in the closet" "walks over and opens the door" hey, is Sebastian here
Paul-n-no, and that's what i was going to ask you if you've heard from him or not
Dave-oh and yeah i was texting him and he said he just got in to Lima and he'll be here soon
Paul-"Smiles" cool, um do you want me to leave the house for a little bit so you and Sebastian can have a little welcome back party
Dave-um, it's up to you
Paul-ok, well i'll go see Shannon for a little bit
Dave-ok "door bell rings"
Paul-that would be for you
Dave-"quickly goes downstairs" "Opens the door"
Sebastian-"drops bags" "sighs" Dave
Dave-"quickly hugs Sebastian"
Sebastian-"hugs him back" oh i missed you
Dave-i missed you to
Sebastian-"nuzzles Dave's neck"
Dave-"pulls away and looks at him" "smiles"
Sebastian-"smiles" "kisses Dave"
Dave-"puts hand on Sebastian's neck" "kisses him back"
Paul-"Walking down the stairs"
Sebastian-"pulls away" "smiles"
Dave-"grabs Sebastian bags" "walks inside"
Paul-hey Sebastian
Sebastian-hi,um thank you so much for letting me stay here
Paul-no problem, ok i'll leave you guys alone see ya "Walks out"
Dave-oh, ok stay here i'll be right back "goes upstairs"
Sebastian-"waits downstairs"
Dave-"Puts the skinny jeans on and one of the shirts he got" "sits the candles around the room" "lights them all" "smiles" "shuts the shades on the windows" "shuts the light off" "Walks over to the door" ok Sebastian come upstairs "walks over stands in the middle of the room"
Sebastian-"Walking upstairs"
Dave-"hits play on his radio" "romantic    music starts playing"
Sebastian-"walks in" "looks at Dave" "Smiles" "chuckles"
Sebastian-well dont you look sexy "shuts the door" "looks around at the candles"
Dave-"walks over and sits down on the bed"
Sebastian-"Walks over to him and sits down next to him"
Dave-i missed you so much
Sebastian-i missed you to, "Puts hand on Dave's leg"
Dave-"smiles" "leans in and kisses Sebastian"
Sebastian-"kisses him back"
Dave-"kisses him deeper"
Sebastian-"leans Dave back on the bed"
Dave-"keeps kissing him"
Sebastian-"kisses his neck" "slides hand up and down on Dave's leg"
Sebastian-"looks at him" what
Dave-blow out the candles  
Sebastian-"gets up and blows out the candles"
Dave-"gets under the covers"
Sebastian-"gets under the covers and kisses Dave's neck again"
Dave-"sighs" i love you
Sebastian-"Mumbles while kissing his neck"
Sebastian-"pulls cover over them"

(Awhile later)
Dave-"snuggling next Sebastian"
Dave-"looks at him" "Smiles"
Sebastian-"kisses Dave's nose"
Dave-"Smiles"  "puts arm around Sebastian's waist"
Dave-"slides hand up and down his side"
Sebastian-"smiles" your amazing
Dave-"smiles" yes you are
Dave-what do you want to do
Sebastian-i dont care,do you want to stay here for a little bit or go out
Dave-i dont care
Sebastian-ok, we'll stay here for a little bit
Sebastian-"slides down to Dave" "smiles" kiss me
Dave-"Smiles" ok "leans in and kisses Sebastian"
Sebastian-"Kisses him back"
Dave-"closes eyes"
Sebastian-"kisses him  deeper and harder"
Dave-"keeps kissing"
Sebastian-"kisses down to Dave's neck"
Dave-"opens eyes" "sighs"
Sebastian-"Keeps kissing"
Sebastian-"looks at Dave" you did look very sexy in those jeans
Sebastian-"starts kissing Dave's neck again"

(Shannon house)
Shannon-"watching tv with Paul"
Paul-"hits pause on the tv" "looks at Shannon", Shannon
Shannon-"looks at him"
Paul-your amazing, when i'm with you i'm happier than i have ever been since Jane Left, and  I Love You Shannon
Shannon-y-you love me?
Paul-yes "Smiles"
Shannon-I Love You To
Paul-"smiles"  "Leans in and kisses Shannon"
Shannon-"kisses her back"
Paul-"slowly pulls away" "smiles"

(Kurt's house)
Kurt-"Laying on his bed playing with mistletoe" i cant wait for Christmas
Blaine-"laying next to him"why
Kurt-because, besides Valentines day,it's about love well for me anyway "looks at Blaine"
Kurt-i got your Christmas present yesterday
Blaine-i got yours last week
Blaine-"smiles" "looking in to Kurt's eyes"
(Flash backs to Blaine's dad yelling at him goes by fast)
Blaine-"leans in and kisses Kurt'
(Flash backs to  Blaine and Kurt being together"
Kurt-"Kisses him back"
Blaine-"slowly pulls away" "smiles" i love when i'm with you
Blaine-i love that when my dad is being an ass your always there to make me feel better
Kurt-well i'm your boyfriend it's my job "Smiles"
Glee,Sorry If somethings are miss spelled
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